Building a brand and having fun with it.

Brand strategy – Long live local.™

How can a local company compete with national brands? Born and raised in Oklahoma for over 50 years, Cherokee Telephone Company has seen many new technologies and many competitors come and go. When they came to Agent, we helped them find something they offered which the big, national companies couldn’t – a local company that continues to invest in and help grow their community.

This idea gave birth to the campaign “Long live local.” It’s the spirits of community, pride and optimism wrapped together. The Long live local message is in everything we do, from community events to radio ads.

Building an identity – Each ad an investment in the brand

We designed the logo to fit their personality: a friendly, helpful brand in the communications space. This drove other brand products, such as product icons, event logos, a microsite and more. The Cherokee logo serves a strategy anywhere it’s seen.

TV and Radio production – Keeping content fresh and on point

We produced and aired one TV commercial and new radio commercials every quarter. Some promote specific services or promotions. All follow the Long live local.™ strategy.

Radio – Various
30-second radio ads written and produced by Agent

Hear it from them

“Agent working for you is equivalent to having a creative advertising agency and 2 full-time employees. Gone are the days of saying, "I wish we knew somebody who..."
Jenny Sanchez
Vice-President at Cherokee Communications

Print campaign – No two ads are created the same

With ongoing support from Agent, we’re able to meet daily print needs. Click the arrows below to see examples of print ads, digital ads and brand collateral. Whether it’s a door hanger or a billboard, we see treat new piece as a short-term investment in growth and a long-term investment in the brand.

Web development – Evolving to meet needs of our clients

These days, building a website is just the beginning. Once the site is up, we see how visitors interact with it, and we adapt accordingly. We update with new content and new features, including online bill pay and location-based Google Adwords. Research shows us that more customers are accessing via mobile, so we’re updating with mobile-responsive pages and easy access to popular searches.

The Agent promise – Whatever it takes

Agent is different kind of ad company. We don’t peg ourselves as a production company, a media company, or a marketing firm. We’re a dedicated team who do whatever it takes to help our clients connect with and retain new customers. Sometimes, it’s an ad campaign. Other times, it’s a photo shoot or a press release. It’s always something different. We take clients who push us to try new things. If you’re looking for something new, click the button below.