The Agent Story: The beginning of something small.

Advertising has a problem. We’re all aware of the big companies that spend millions on ad campaigns to get the most customers possible. What about everyone else? Where do small-to-midsize companies turn for good creative and effective advertising?

We’re on a mission to make big ideas in advertising work for everyone, including the little guys. We’re a handful of ad people who’ve worked with big agencies on big campaigns, and we’ve got big news: now you can have it, too.

Agent is a different kind of ad company. We’re small and work remotely, so our clients aren’t billed big overhead costs. Our team members work from anywhere, not just people who happen to live nearby, so we can build the best team around each client. We only take a handful of clients, so we’re easy to reach. And we rarely bill hourly, so we’re judged on output rather than hours.

Agent was founded in 2010 by people who’ve been doing this work for over 10 years each. We’re based in Fort Worth, TX and Oklahoma City, and we work with teammates and clients anywhere with Internet access. We’re on a mission to prove that smaller teams can do better work. If you share these values, contact us here. Let’s start something.

Matt Doane is co-founder of Agent, lives in Fort Worth, and is responsible for art direction, photography and too many things to list here.
Caleb Germany is co-founder of Agent, lives in Okc, and writes most of Agent’s stuff. He’s been writing and producing since 2002-ish.
Jesse ”Shadow” James is son of Texas heroine Clamity Jane, and he’s pretty famous on Instagram.
Indy (Indiana Germs) is the OKC office mutt and works with pet-therapy non-profit HALO.

What we believe.

Some simple truths you should know when you’re working with or for Agent.

Smaller is better.

We’re not #1. We can’t afford unhappy clients. That’s exactly why you should call us. We don’t work by committee. We do work one-on-one with our clients to provide more of what you need without the stuff you don’t.

Results speak louder than awards.

Trophies and awards make great paperweights, but healthy companies are built on happy clients. It feels nice to win awards, but we’d rather be recognized as the ad company that builds up other companies. That doesn’t make us humble; it makes us better. And it makes everyone a lot happier.

We are known by output, not hours.

Hard work works here, but clients come to us for better results, not billable hours. You should know up front what to expect out of your budget without surprises when we’re done. Advertising is expensive. Great advertising is free. We work to make ourselves not more billable but more free.

The golden rule is more important than the bottom line.

If all ad agencies treated clients like they’d want to be treated, Agent would be out of business. We take the time to listen to our clients, work with them, and do better by them as a result. We don’t believe in high-pressure sales tactics or hidden fees. We do believe in doing the right thing every time.